What Is Therapeutic Touch?

Therapeutic touch is a subtle non-invasive therapy conducted by placing hands on or around the body of the patient.

It promotes a sense of acceptance and well being which may be felt by the patient as a deeply soothing feeling of warmth or one of cool and peaceful calm. As a therapy it provides a peaceful alternative to massage.

How It May Help:

Imbues a deep sense of relaxation

Calms anxiety and stress

May help relieve pain

Evokes feelings of security and nurture

Is particularly beneficial in the support of terminal patients

Before, During And After:

There is no formal preparation needed for the therapy but for your own comfort wear loose clothing, only your shoes need to be removed for the treatment. Before the session starts you will discuss with the therapist your needs to help focus the treatment, which will last between 20 to 60 minutes depending on your personal programme. Following the therapy we recommend eating only light meals, drinking plenty of water, avoiding strenuous activity and no alcohol for 24 hours